News >> Culligan Cares Partners with Water Well Trust to Dig Well for Local Family

Culligan Cares Partners with Water Well Trust to Dig Well for Local Family

Effort to Ensure Safe, Clean Water

ROSEMONT, Ill. (March 13, 2017) – Culligan Cares, the non-profit arm of Culligan International, the leading water expert, is partnering with the Water Well Trust (WWT) to dig a well for a local family in Stephentown, New York. Culligan dealers nationwide donated $10,000 to help dig the well that will provide clean, safe water for the family which does not have access to running water in their home.

“Culligan Cares is proud to support the mission of the Water Well Trust,” said Bob Boerner, Culligan of San Antonio and Culligan Cares Committee. “As unbelievable as it may sound, millions of Americans, particularly in low-income rural areas, are forced to haul water into their homes because they do not have access to clean, safe water.”

The family, based in mid-eastern New York, purchases seven cases of water per week for drinking and cooking and has relied on hauling water from a neighbor’s house for bathing and flushing for years. The new well will be completed in 2017.

“Culligan Cares expedites the well digging process by donating the money first,” said Boerner. “Having a well is life changing and time is of the essence.  Access to clean water is essential.”

According to Boerner, the well in Stephentown, New York is a pilot program. There are plans for Culligan Cares to support another well in the Lacombe, La. area later this year. The well is for a retired police officer and his wife who seek access to clean and safe water in their home in order to care for the wife’s blind mother.

 “We’re thrilled to have Culligan Cares support,” said Margaret Martin, executive director of Water Systems Council.  “Without their help, this well might never have been dug.”

People across the country can contribute to this vital cause by visiting and making a donation.

About Culligan Cares
Established in 2005 as a partnership between Culligan International and Culligan dealers across North American, Culligan Cares supports individuals, families and communities in need of clean, safe water around the world. From providing water filters to the community of Flint, Michigan, to supplying bottled water to victims of floods and hurricanes, Culligan Cares remains committed to the cause of clean drinking water.

About Culligan International
Founded in 1936 by Emmett Culligan, Culligan International is a world leader in delivering water solutions that will improve the lives of their customers. The company offers some of the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art water filtration products. Culligan’s products include water softeners, drinking water systems, whole-house systems and solutions for business. Culligan’s network of franchise dealers is the largest in the world, with over 800 dealers in 90 countries. Many Culligan dealers have valuable equity in their communities as multigenerational family owners of their franchises. For more information visit:

About WTT
The Water Well Trust (WWT) is a 501(c)3 organization created by the Water Systems Council to provide a clean water supply to American families living without access to a precious resource most of us take for granted.

The WWT and its partners build wells for low‐income families nationwide that need safe drinking water. There are many excellent organizations working to provide safe drinking water to people in need in developing countries. The Water Well Trust is the only national nonprofit organization helping Americans get access to a clean, safe water supply.

We serve Americans living primarily in rural, unincorporated areas or minority communities that may be isolated and difficult to reach. We assist low‐income families that cannot afford to pay for public water supplies, and those who live in areas where the extension of public water supplies to serve them doesn’t make economic sense…for them, for the public water supply owners, for federal, state or local funding sources.

Today in America, there are millions of people who are forced to haul water or to use contaminated water sources. Individual wells and small, shared wells are the best and most cost‐effective way to provide safe drinking water to these American homes.

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