Bringing Water to Those in Need

The mission of Culligan Cares is to help individuals, families and communities in need of clean, safe water.  Partnering with Water Well Trust, we can make a difference to one family that doesn’t have access to fresh water by helping fund the drilling of a well for their home.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 which is the approximate cost to drill one well.
Water Well Trust is a non-profit organization created by the Water Systems Council that helps families living without access to one of life’s precious resources…water.  These families may have wells that are no longer functioning properly, have contamination issues or have no well or safe water source.  They have drilled over 30 wells in Arkansas and Georgia and recently 2 in Texas.  They also have plans to drill a number of wells in the recently Hurricane ravaged Low Country in South Carolina.  The Water Well Trust gets part of their money in grants from the USDA, but rely upon its partners and private donations for a good deal of their work.  Learn more about Water Well Trust.
Watch this page for updates on the project and progress in meeting our goal.
Culligan Dealers across North America are helping meet this goal and you can help, too!  You can make your tax deductible donation today.  Click here to donate.