Culligan Cares reaches goal to fund the cost to drill a well for a family in need.

“My family would be in the deepest in gratitude if you could help us and as a mother – I would be forever thankful because I could tell my kids that they can wash in the tub before school and drink from the kitchen sink like other children.”

(Mother of Recipient Family)

Culligan Cares has been collaborating with the Water Well Trust to raise money for families that do not have access to clean water.  The first well project, at a cost of $10,000 will be helping a family of six in mid-eastern New York who have been on the wait list for a well since 2014.  They are the fifth generation to live in their house.  Their home has a shallow hand-dug well that is dry most of the year and the water is contaminated and not safe to drink. 
The family currently purchases bottled water for drinking and cooking and haul water from a neighbor’s house for bathing, etc.  The funds that were raised to drill this well will provide access to clean water in their home.  Having a safe and reliable water supply is a basic need which is something that so many people in North America take for granted.  
A special thanks goes out to the Culligan Dealers across the country that have so generously helped Culligan Cares reach the $10,000 goal.