Culligan Responds to Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has broken the all-time Texas rainfall record from a tropical storm or hurricane according to the National Weather Service. Hurricane Harvey could dump as much as 50 inches of rain on parts of Texas. Harvey, now a tropical storm, has left Houston and much of the Gulf Coast region waterlogged and impassable, in what Gov. Greg Abbott called “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced.” With roads underwater or washed out, and basic services like electricity and water knocked out, it will be weeks before some people can return home, and many of them still do not know if they will have homes to return to.

One of the basic needs for both the victims of Hurricane Harvey and first responders is clean, safe drinking water. Culligan has a shipment of bottled water on its way to the Culligan dealership in Victoria, TX for distribution. Another truckload of bottled water is leaving today for the Culligan dealership in Houston, TX.