Culligan of Annapolis Stays Busy This Summer Supporting Local Community

Culligan of Maryland Water StationCulligan of Annapolis has been keeping busy this summer by staying actively involved within their local community. Recently, they participated with the SPCA of Arundel County in their 28th Annual Walk for the Animals and with the Truxton Youth Triathlon. This was their first time participating in both of these events.

The Anne Arundel Society for the prevention of Cruelty towards Animals (SPCA) is a local organization that has a no kill shelter for dogs and cats. They provide reduced cost veterinary care, host spay and neuter clinics, and promote adoption of pets. Their annual walk is an event whereby they “buy” the admission to a local park and encourage dog owners to bring their dogs for a public walk. It’s the SPCA’s way to thank the community for their year-round support. There were many pet product vendors there, along with Culligan of Annapolis.

Jim Burrill, a Sales Manager from Culligan of Annapolis set up a table with a 5-gallon jug on top of an igloo cooler and provided fresh drinking water for the four and two legged walkers. Burrill said, “it was a very humid day with temps reaching the mid-90’s so our water contribution was very popular and greatly appreciated, and there’s no better way to keep walkers going than with cool and refreshing Culligan Water.” The dog walk had around 500-600 participants according to Burrill.

The SPCA does great work in the local community, so when Jim adopted a cat from the SPCA, he instantly saw the opportunity to support them in a unique “Culligan” way. Culligan of Annapolis was very proud to be a part of the Anne Arundel SPCA annual walk in the park event, and happy to keep all the four and two legged walkers properly hydrated on a very hot and humid day. They plan to continue helping the SPCA when they host their annual “Puppy Paddle” event in August.

The second event the dealership participated in this summer was the Truxton Youth Triathlon. The Truxton Youth Triathlon is sponsored by the Annapolis Parks and Recreation Department. This was their dealership’s second fitness related event with the Annapolis Parks and Recreation Department in which they donated water; once again with 5-gallon water bottles. The event was well attended by both spectators and athletes and according to Burrill “our water was once again greatly appreciated”. They chose to donate water using the 5-gallon jugs in order to help reduce plastic waste. The triathlon had nearly 100 participants and nearly 2-3 times as many spectators.

Culligan of Annapolis started partnering with the Annapolis Parks and Recreation department after being contacted by one of their employees. The dealership thought it would be a great way to support youth once again in a unique Culligan manner. Culligan of Annapolis congratulates all the athletes who competed in the Truxton Youth Triathlon and their families for supporting and promoting a healthy lifestyle to their children and are proud to have provided plenty of water and encouragement at the event.

Truxton Youth Triathlon ParticipantCulligan of Maryland sponsors the 2019 Truxton Youth TriathlonCulligan of Maryland Water Station