Culligan Cares and Zip Donate $75,000 for Australian Wildfires

The recent bushfires in Australia have been some of the worst in history. Not only have these fires devastated communities, they’ve also uprooted families and wildlife, destroyed livelihoods, and taken lives. In partnership with our team at Zip, Culligan Cares is donating $75,000 to the Australian Red Cross to help those affected by the horrible fires that continue to rage. Our hope is that these funds will be put towards aiding the brave men and women who are fighting night and day to tame the blaze, as well as the communities who are suffering due to lack of materials, shelter, and safety.

As part of the Culligan Cares commitment to helping those in need, we continue to serve communities on a global scale, both on our own and in partnership with other non-profit entities. You can make a difference today by donating to Culligan Cares here, or to localize your assistance, you can donate to the Australian Red Cross to help the victims of the Australian bushfires here.