Kitzman’s Culligan Water of Morro Bay, CA Making a Difference in Uganda

How Rob Kitzman, a Lifewater Business Advocate, made a difference for 1,000 refugees

Central Coast California Businessman Thinks Global, Acts Local For Water Crisis

“When I started seeing it as money, instead of my money, I was challenged: how do I best use this beyond myself?,” said Rob Kitzman, Owner of Kitzman Water Co.

Teachers and Students get safe water at Angoltok Primary School's new well Americans have tremendous leverage to bring thousands around the world out of the poverty cycle simply by giving safe water. A steady supply of potable water is the foundational step in enabling other development efforts such as micro-enterprise, food production and distribution, education and health services to remain sustainable.

For years Rob Kitzman of Morro Bay's Kitzman Water Co. ruminated on how he could connect his local water treatment and softening business with the global need for safe, accessible water. His idea dawned while reading Ed Silvoso’s “Anointed for Business” and during several jogs with fellow friends and businessmen like Christopher Skiff, owner of San Luis Obispo’s The Manse on Marsh. The answer was leverage.

He set the goal in sight: drill a new well and repair a broken well in Uganda to bring clean water to 1,000 refugees returning to their communities after the wake of LRA tragedies. Next, he made a personal commitment to fully fund the work, regardless of the campaign results. Then, through a flyer insert delivered to everyone in his customer base, Rob offered a triple matching incentive for all donations made to Lifewater International. In other words, for a customer’s donation of $100, Rob will give $300 to Lifewater International, tripling their impact.

Thus far, Kitzman Water has raised $18,130, and more keeps coming. Solving the world water crisis requires partnership and worldwide community effort; through one business’ efforts, several in our Central Coast community are now joining the team of safe water advocates. Enriching the community has long characterized Kitzman Water. Rob’s father, Arby Kitzman received the “Citizen of the Year” award from the city of Morro Bay, as well as the “Rotarian of the Year” award from the Rotary Club of Morro Bay.

Rob challenges other business owners and Americans, saying, “Business owners tend to feel they live in glass houses. We need to overcome our attention to self, our fears for the business and what others will think. Reinvest every dime. God supplied it for a reason, and it wasn’t just to acquire more security for the business. If I am taking what I need and there is extra, treat it like extra and put it towards good causes.”